Ehd-e-Wafa wins the internet, yet again!

Not a week goes by when Ehd-e-Wafa isn’t a top trend all over social media! This week’s episode too has been trending on number 1 at Twitter:

And people have been sharing their absolute favourite scenes from the drama:

Haha, Rani for the win!

Gulzar seems to have a fan base of his own already:

Someone found the infamous Basti Malook where our favourite Gulzar came from:

Seh lengay thora, Gulsher bhi toh mar gaya tha:

Many were a fan of the mother-son duo:

People were loving Ahmed Ali Akbar playing Sheheryar:

No foujan, tey keriyaan moujan?

Yaaron ka yar, Sheheryar!

Can you guys guess? Hint: We all love him!

Just in case you guys couldn’t guess, here’s the answer!

People were also relating hard to Shariq’s video:

People loved this episode as it focused on everyone:

Friends reuniting is always a very special moment:

Kuch loha Shariq ka bhi garam hai:

People weren’t really happy the way Saad was welcomed back:

This scene in particular was a favourite for many!

And if you were wondering who the dedicated man in this scene was, here you go!

Dua ke dialogues bhi chha gaye!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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