Ehd e Wafa wins hearts as the SSG boys move forward with their careers!

Ever since Ehd e Wafa released its teasers, its been ab absolute favourite of the nation, and we’ve been on a journey with our SSG boys, watching them turn into responsible adults from reckless teenagers!

And as the 4 move forward with their lives, the internet is living for it!

Saad nailed them ‘shashkay:’

All boys can thank Saad later:

Even the girls know it now!

This scene had our heart!

Gulzar is in a league of his own:

No one does tea like us, even Abhinandan agrees:

People were loving the bond Saad and his mother shared:

Oof, Rani and Shahzain ❤

People have been loving the bond that Saad and Gulzar share:

You owe them everything:

People were all praise for Dua:

Saad ki ragging 😂

Many learned a little something from Raheel:

This face is definitely meme material:

Yar 😂

Such a heart warming iqrar:

Please 😭😭😭

More like a nakaam aashiq:

And that’s how crazy people are for Ehd e Wafa!

Are you keeping up with Ehd e Wafa? Let us know in the comments below!

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