Editor Investigation Ansar Abbasi Finds A Harmless Workout Video On PTV ‘Behayi,’ Gets Trolled!

With moral policing being the national hobby of our people, Editor Ansar Abbasi questions a harmless exercise routine being shown on PTV:

And people are coming at him with the most savage replies!


Ali Gul Pir had questions:


People were trying to look for the problem that Ansar Abbasi was seeing:

People wanted more of such programs:

Shots were fired:

Even Fawad Chaudhry was concerned about him:

Kisi haal mei khush nahi:


Many thought he wanted women to do nothing:

Some pointed out how men protested on opening gyms shirtless:

People were calling the sexualizing of a woman exercising a part of rape culture:

His tweets suggests that its likely:

People were calling him a potential rapist:

People had feedback for PTV:



People were lauding PTV for such programs:

People couldn’t down the misogyny they’d seen in the past few weeks:

People had suggestions for him:

And it’s fairly simple to operate:

Slow and steady, okay?

People wanted him to talk on real issues:

Marvi Sirmed wanted to know what was wrong:

What do you think about Ansar Abbasi’s take on women working out? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Abbasi Sahib is right. This is Pakistan a muslim country not an european country. That man can do work out himself and tell that girls can do like this in their own homes. Simple. There is no need to show a girl doing this. And i read all the above tweets. These all are from the so called “liberals”. Mera jism meri merzi type of people.

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