This Man’s Cricket Commentary In A Solid Australian Accent Is Going Viral On Social Media!

Cricket runs in our blood! And to prove that this man’s commentary in a spot on Australian accent has been going viral on social media:

Even Raveena Tandon turned out to be a fan!

Shaniera Akram too loved the accent!

People wanted to alot him airtime on PSL:

People were living for the expressions too!

We know right!


People found it to be brilliant!


People were loving it!

Jo baat hai!

He even had people who don’t like cricket finding it fun:

People were living for the laugh!

Some found it to truly adorable, and we agree:

People were lauding him:


People were wondering if Ramiz Raja is cancelled:


People wanted him to be given a chance:

He even made fans across the border who wanted him to commentate IPL:

Many agreed how he spoke much better English than the national cricket players:

What do you think about his commentary? Let us know in the comments below!

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