Dr. Abdus Salam’s documentary on Netflix, leaves people in tears

One of the most anticipated documentaries on Pakistani physicist Dr. Abdus Salam was finally released on Netflix titled ‘Salam – the first ****** Nobel Laureate,’ the asteriks standing for the word Muslim.

Ever since its release, the documentary has moved many to tears, including us. The hashtag #SalamOnNetflix was trending for a little while on Twitter and the internet has spoken!

People shared how the documentary gave them an insight on his life:

People were appalled:

People shared how they watched the documentary with their kids for them to know their real heroes:

Activist and lawyer Muhammad Jibran Khan wished how the youth could be inspired by him:

The documentary reduced many to tears:

People loved dr. Abdus Salam’s passion for his country:

People were loving every aspect of the biopic:

People were left heart broken:

Many had questions:

Many were ashamed at losing an asset so important:

Even the ones who know the true narrative, thoroughly enjoyed:

People agreed how the documentary had a lesson for everyone:

People expressed how things still haven’t changed:

People were quoting excerpts from the documentary and how true they were:

The netizens are definitely recommending it to others:

Many also suggested how the documentary should be aired on national television:

Have you seen the documentary yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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