Comedian Jeremy McLellan all set to come to Pakistan again and we just can’t wait!


If there’s one person who can be called the rightful ambassador of Pakistan, then its Jeremy. Ever since his first to Pakistan, Jeremy hasn’t stopped talking about how much he loved it here.

Recently, the comedian shared how he was all set to return to Pakistan again as a part of a project where he’ll be spending 2 weeks in Islamabad and surrounding areas:


And the netizens were ecstatic to have him back for the second time!




Some came right back at him with jokes about him being an ISI agent:


People couldn’t wait to see him:


Tea being fantastic jokes were made…


People sent him tons of love and prayers:


Some warned him about the weather:


Haha, yaaas, our Pindi boy is called Pindi boy for a reason:


People shared how they loved him for portraying the real side of Pakistan:


We bet the whole reason for the visit is just having good biryani:


Pindi boys shared how they’ve been missing him:


And being the comedian he is, he added a little bit of Trump and taking over as the PM for some laughs:


People played along!


People were loving the idea:


We agree!


All in all, the nation is really happy to see their most loved gora coming back!


What do you think about Jeremy coming back? Let us know in the comments below!

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