Diva Jukebox: 20 Songs by Atif Aslam That Still Have Our Heart!

In a country bursting with music and talent, it’s the toughest to make your name and come to the top amongst hordes of brilliant musicians. Yet, there’s one name who has proven himself each and every time and today rules the market with his mellifluous voice. That person – no surprises there, is, of course, the multi-talented Atif Aslam.

A singer who has gotten Pakistan fame and recognition around the world, Atif has been a fine example of the nation’s power in music, talent, and charisma that no one can ever deny.

So, be it his stints with his chart-busting albums or his Bollywood and Coke Studio appearances, he’s done it all and for that reason, he’s on Diva’s Jukebox today…



The song that started it all!

Jal Pari

One of his first songs to go into Coke Studio, it became an anthem.

Bheegi Yaadein

A song that evokes sadness like no other.


It became his first song for the lovelorn.

Mahi Ve

An upbeat number that people just couldn’t get enough of.


One of his first stints where he mixed a bit of Bollywood into his tracks.

Hum Kis Gali

The age of Atif Aslam in Bollywood had just started then.

Pehli Nazar

Atif’s popularity grew tenfold with this track.

Hona Tha Pyar

His first song for a Pakistani film, it did wonders.

Thaam Lo

A song that won multitudes of recognition and made Atif ever more popular.

In Dinon

A recent track that people loved because of the dynamic duo it was shot on and of course, Atif’s voice.

Tera Hone Laga Hoon

A Bollywood song with a cult following all thanks to Atif!


Mein Rang Sharbaton Ka

A sweet melody that people still love humming to!

Jeena Jeena

A heartbreaking song that just works its magic in Atif’s voice.


Dil Diyan Gallan

A breakthrough song for 2017, it was all thanks to Atif’s melodious voice.


Dekhte Dekhte

A rendition of the classic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song, we wouldn’t have wanted anyone but Atif to sing this.


Tajdar e Haram

A classic song that wins hearts every time it’s played.


Man Amandeh Am

An experiment in Persian that just soothes anyone who hears it.

Kadi Ao Ni

A traditional folk song from the areas of Thar did its magic on Atif too!


Wohi Khuda Hai

His latest attempt at a classic and what a beautiful one at that!


Which Atif Aslam song is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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