Someone somewhere is having Kaju Barfi with ketchup & somebody needs to call the food police!

We absolutely love Twitter for it’s wholesome content, but some days, it turns out to be exactly what nightmares are made of. A firm shared her friend’s picture having Kaju Katli with ketchup… KETCHUP! the netizens have been scarred for life: too ūüėí’s no unsee-ing this: were shocked! tweet should have come with a trigger warning: for climate change to do it’s thing:

I guess we’ll never know: reported the tweet for offensive content: were inspired: caused physical distress to some: nafrat! advice: sure is: call the police! is this behaviour, Pooja? had people realizing how Thanos was right all this time: guess we’ll never know: had theories: the content we signed up for: just in case you got over with the first combo, here’s one that’ll blow you away: do you think about this weird food combination? Let us know in the comments below!

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