Diva Jukebox: 10 Songs Everyone’s Been Tuning To This Week!

The fear of Coronavirus disease has made everyone stick to their homes for a few weeks now, and for most, that means figuring out what to do at their humble abode when there’s nothing else to do. Well, that’s where music comes in, of course!

Tuning into music streaming apps and Youtube, many of us have selected some music therapy to keep us entertained as the world gets quarantined.

So, what songs have kept us all entertained this week? Diva has the lowdown…


Tera Bajon 

This Abdullah Muzaffar single has been one of the most popular this week, and for many Tere Baajon has become an anthem to croon to!


Aladdin – Talha Dar, Ahmed Murtaza & Ahsan Javed

Somewhat Super’s Youtube channel never ceases to amaze us, and this lit track by Talha Dar, Ahmed Murtaza, and Ahsan Javed has surely proven that once again.


Baat Adhuri – Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi continues to be a fan favourite, and each track that he releases ends up becoming a top played track! Baat Adhuri, then, of course, HAD TO become a hit too!


Mela Loot Liya – Ali Zafar

A week since its release, it’s still PSL fever with Ali Zafar! His song, Mela Loot Liya truly has been stealing hearts and that’s what the 7 million views are telling us!


Bhanwray – Jal The Band

There was a surprising entry by Jal a month ago with Bhanwray, and since then, it has ended up becoming quite a hit. Will this officially mark a comeback for the band and its popularity?


Teri Tasveer – Bayaan

Ever since Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Bayaan has been a force to reckon with, and their entry into mainstream music is proof. Their song Teri Tasveer has been quite a force and we surely understand why!

Rung – Shamoon Ismail

There no doubt in anyone’s minds any longer that Shamoon Ismail is one of the finest singers we have in the country, and Rung has just added to that status! Can we say, obsessed?

Ishqiya – Asim Azhar

Pakistani OSTs are as famous and sometimes even more popular than mainstream music, and each passing week’s television releases are proof. Just take Ishqiya by Asim Azhar as an example! People just can’t get enough.


Morni – Shani Arshad

Shani Arshad is definitely one of the most revered names when it comes to creating hit music – especially OSTs, but Morni just takes the cake. It’s thumping and just has its own vibe!


Yalali – Natasha Baig

Natasha Baig’s debut album has been bringing the Coke Studio featured artist quite the popularity in the last few weeks, and her song, Yalali is just adding to that fame. She surely knows how to keep her fans entertained.


Which song did you listen to the most this week? Tell us in the comment section below.


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