Alif’s powerful ending leaves the audience emotional!

Today has been a very emotional day for all Sajal Aly fans, a. because she got married to Ahar and, b. because Alif just aired its last episode and it was nothing but sheer brilliance! And the internet just can’t stop being emotional at Alif coming to an end:

People were sharing what the drama taught them:

People were lauding Master Ibrahim for his role:

People were sharing their favourite dialogues from the last episode:

People were thanking Umera Ahmed for the play:

The scene we’ve all been waiting for all this time:

Haaaaye 💔

Humara Momin!

One of the most loved on-screen couples this year:

Lines that everyone should remember:

There was clearly no getting over the beautiful dialogues:

There can only be one Momina:

Aur hum tayyar maintain iske liye:

A drama actually worth being shown in cinemas:

We’ve forgotten what our Saturdays were like before Momin and Momina:

What a journey has it been!

This scene was everything!

This hug 😍

Jo baat hai!

The heart break:

People were lauding the script:

Now that’s high praise!

How did you like Alif’s last episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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