People are rooting for the woman who beat the thieves trying to snatch her bag!

A video clip of a woman in Rawalpindi has been making rounds on social media where she can be seen beating the thieves who tried snatching her bag:

And the internet is rooting for her bravery and quick thinking:

People were all for her:

Some had more suggestions:


Lol 😆

Next time anyone tells you women are weak, show them this:

Yeh cheez!

We’ve got to be our own hero:


People were impressed:

Some thought it wasn’t a good idea:

People were proud of her:

Many felt the world will become a better place if women took things in their hands:


Want all daughters to be this strong:

Haha, the disbelief!

People were appalled how other men refused to help:

Jo baat hai:


Halka na lena:

She was an inspiration to many:

Us too!

Haha, mansplaining:

We stan!

Well, Feb too!

People had a message for those defending the culprits:

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