Dismissed Over Tiktok, Wafa Was The Sole Breadwinner For Her Family & People Think It’s Unfair!

A few days back on 11th July 2020, Constable Wafa from Punjab was fired for making a Tiktok video in uniform without any prior warning. Being the sole breadwinner of her family, Wafa shared a heart breaking video asking the officials to reconsider their decision:

The video, which has now gone viral, has people urging the officials to reconsider their decision on compassionate grounds:

People were sharing videos of other police officers who had videos in uniform:

People were saddened at the injustice:

People shared how the punishment is far more than her misconduct:

People wanted to know what the law has to say:

People were just done with the society that we live in:

People were sharing how no action would have been taken had the roles been reversed:


There were more examples shared:

People were calling out on the hypocrisy!


Many urged the government to look into the matter:

Jo baat hai!

People were appalled at the inequality:

Some had questions:

Some threw shade at the country:

Waiting for the day the country realizes how big of a problem this is:

Kya keh saktay hain:

What do you think about this decision? Should the higher ups reconsider? Let us know in the comments below!

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