Asim Azhar Posts His Song Lyrics & Twitter Phuphos Think He’s Heart Broken!

Asim Azhar has been quite the centre of attention since the past few weeks.

Celebrating the success of his new song Soneya, Asim tweeted out his (and our) favourite lyrics from the song:

Oblivious to the song, tweeple quickly turned to phuphos, thinking the boy is heart broken:

Ummm? 😂

People were associating the word Sanam to Hania’s character in Dil Ruba:

People were assuming things:

Some were trying to console him:

People wanted to know if he was doing okay:

Some thought he was broken:

Assumptions hi assumptions:

Some had advice to offer:

And to put an end to the assumptions and break the Twitter phuphoun ka bubble, Asim shared how he can’t even tweet his own lyrics:

And fans agreed!

Baaz ajao!

True true!

And here we were thinking therapy is expensive:

Some fans did not like the use of the word Phupho:

He did:


People were appalled:

Even after Asim gave an explanation, the phuphos were unstoppable!



What do you think about people being a little too nosey about celebrities and their personal lives? Let us know in the comments below!

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