Designer Khadijah Shah gets trolled for sharing her opinion on Kashmir Hour

Khadijah Shah is one of the most renowned names in the fashion industry right now. Answering PM Imran Khan’s call to celebrate #KashmirHour, the country came out to stand in solidarity with Kashmir today. And while a lot of celebrities were seen supporting the movement, Khadijah had her disagreements:

According to Khadijah, the peaceful protests being held all over the country won’t get the world to take any notice. And people had mixed opinions about it, some agreed with her:

And while some agreed with her, many disagreed with her:

Some believed it was symbolic:

Many thought her idea was that of bakhts:

Some schooled her on why protests are done:

Some reminded her that the Kashmir issue is a pressing one that needs attention:

Some thought the only bubble that needed to be burst was the one around her:

Some partly agreed with her, but they also knew that something urgent has to be done for Kashmir:

Khadijah also came back at a few who disagreed with her:

She then tweeted how she stands in solidarity with Imran Khan but she just doesn’t support time being wasted on such protests:

And people really came at her:

Some reminded her of the Friday timings:

Many challenged her to come up with a better solution:

Some called her out:

Many showed how #KashmirHour is trending on number 2 worldwide:

Many thought it’s just how you look at the cause:

Some thought she needed to rethink her priorities:

What do you think about Khadijah’s tweets? Let us know in the comments below!

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