Defence Day Songs That Will Remind You Of All The Sacrifices That Were Made

6th  September marks the Defence Day for Pakistan when Pakistan proved that it is not a state to be messed with and showed the world that it can protect itself. Today, we have rounded up a list of national songs that will remind you of the sacrifices our soldiers have made for us to sleep peacefully.


  1. Aye Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedon – Coke Studio

No version of this classic comes close to that of Noor Jahan, but Coke Studio’s refreshing take on the song is something we’ve loved!


  1. Aye Watan Ke Sajeelay Jawaanon – Noor Jahan

For the soldiers who risk their loves for us to sleep peacefully, they deserve everything!


  1. Kabhi Parcham Mei Liptay Hain – Atif Aslam

When it comes to their country, they don’t think twice before sacrificing their lives!


  1. Ye Banday Mitti Ke Banday – Mustafa Zahid

A tribute to the soldiers  and martyrs who fought Zarb-e-Azab for their country.


  1. Allah-o-Akbar

The line aye mard-e-mujahid jaag zara, ab waqt e shahadat hai aya will literally give you goosebumps!


  1. Dosti – Jawad Ahmed

A song that’ll give you a gist of how our brave soldiers live everyday knowing that it could be their last and how they find friends like family in each other.


  1. Tumhi Se Aye Mujahidon – Alamgir

An ode to the Pakistan Air Force, a song that we’ve all loved over the years and still do!


  1. Main Pakistan Hoon – Sahir Ali Bagga


A song that speaks for every Pakistani on the planet!


  1. TumSe Hi Mujahidon Medley – Junaid Jamshed

A song with a video that features the dreams of many, to fight for the country and be a martyr, along with Junaid Jamshed’s beautiful vocals, this song is one of our absolute favorites!


  1. Jaan Dedeinge – Ali Zafar

A song that speaks the sentiments of many, watan ke liye toh hum jaan bhi dedeinge!


With that team Diva salutes everyone fighting for the country and prays that Pakistan always prospers, Aameen!

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