A gold medalist girl got rejected because she had 2 extra toes and people think it’s a blessing in disguise

When it comes to our desi society and rishtas, we’re the worst! From wanting the perfect gori, chitti, patli doctor bahu to rejecting every other girl who doesn’t fit the conventional standards of beauty, it’s a problematic society. A girl on Twitter shared a rishta encounter of her cousin, who, was rejected because she had 2 extra toes… I mean it’s 2019 and people are still judging people on things they have no control over.


In a twitter thread, the girl shared how her cousin who is doing exceptionally well for herself, was rejected by a rishta family:


Despite having 2 gold medals, an M.Phil degree from one of the best universities, a government job and a good salary, she was only judged on the pair of extra toes she had:


And while there were people who agreed with her, there were people defending the rishta family…


Some were blaming her cousin for trying to hide it:


But they were given befitting replies:


The girl also continued to say how she shares an amazing bond with this cousin of hers who is beyond comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t worry much about things she has no control over.


As her tweet viral, a lot of people came forward to remind the girl that this rejection was a blessing in disguise:


Some thought living with such mindset would have been a nightmare!


Yaaaaas, more power to her!


Ours too, hey!


Many sent a little prayer for the rishta family and their thinking:


Many reminded her how Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan has 6 fingers too!


Alhamdullilah x 100:


Her cousin became an inspiration to many:




They better be!


Some thought the extra toes saved her:


Oh, the burn!


We definitely think this was the case:


It sure is:


Some told her how people with extra toes and fingers are considered lucky:


And some suggested she looks for cross-border grooms:


Some were done with the society:


Some thought arranged marriages should be banned to put an end to the rishta hunting system:


What do you think about families rejecting girls on petty things? Let us know in the comments below!

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