DC Hafizabad is winning the internet with one of a kind public service message!

With more and more cases of Corona emerging all around the country, it’s necessary that people are made aware on how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

In an attempt to raise awareness, DC Hafizabad, Naveed Shahzad Mirza, is winning the internet with a public service message so catchy and wholesome:

And people are actually loving and appreciating his attempt on raising awareness:

People wanted the song to be the national corona awareness song:

True, true!

People were lauding his creativity:

We do!

He became a favourite to many!

A very sweet voice indeed:

Credit where its due!

People were appreciating the effort:


Many thought he was a tough competition for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

People were loving it!

It was the build up!

It sure is!

Everything summarized so well:


Many were appreciating the love he had for the citizens:

He had quite the fan boys!

A true corona hero indeed!

People were shook at the hidden artist in him:

We stan!

Many desi boys were relating:

Full marks for innovation:

People were sharing their favourite lyrics!

People were living for the wholesome content:

We do too!

Simple, powerful and impactful!

It was the cutest thing people had seen all day!

What do you think about this message by DC Hafizabad? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I am truly moved by the lovely comments and the praises showered upon me by almost everybody. For the few critics, who think it was against the set norms of society, of civil service, of artistic standards, or of their own pre conceived notions, let me put it very simply to them. In this age of infotainment and communications revolutions, when a public servant like me is pushed emotionally to utilize all his resources and faculties to send a message across effectively, which he sees is not getting truly across, he decides to give two hoots about the artistic, technical, bureaucratic, societal bla bla bla restrictions and just pours his heart out through the best modes and media at his disposal (despite all the artistic and technical limitations) i.e. poetry, music and (social) media … the result … effective communication … taking the message across … Mission accomplished. Why should I refrain from using my voice and my words for public service, if I claim to be a public servant.
    Thanks again, everybody, for your appreciation of a humble endeavour, which you turned into a great success.
    Stay blessed !

    Pl do display the above message of thanks instead of holding it back.

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