Cricketer Imam-ul-Haq’s screenshots leaked, and people say it’s ‘desi tharak’ and not #MeToo

Twitter was probably the most happening place last night where screenshots from private conversations between Imam ul Haq and the girls he had been flirting with were leaked for the public to see. Within minutes of the screenshots being released, the hashtags #MeToo and #ImamulHaq were top trends in Pakistan:


And the internet was furious!


People were calling him out on being a womanizer:


People were disgusted:


Many called him a fuck boy:


Points were made:


Oh man…


Some important questions were raised 😂


Some thought that the screenshots were shared for awareness:


There were memes, lots of them:


And while there was no doubt about the screenshots being real, some people were calling out the girls in poor taste:


Shots were fired:



However, people were more concerned about the hashtag #MeToo being used in this case:


And the answer from most was, no!


People were pointing out the fine line between cheating and harassing:




Many wanted him out of the cricket team because of the #MeToo label, but were corrected:


People thought the movement was being used for personal vendetta:


Many thought this case was hurting the movement:


Many agreed that consent was involved:


People thought it was about betrayal rather than harassment:




And even though people were defending wrong hashtag being used, people were not coming slow at Imam:


People were also against personal screenshots being leaked:


People were urging others to stop calling him a harasser:


People also stressed on the importance of the #MeToo movement and how cases like these would kill it:


Do you think this case falls under the umbrella of the MeToo movement? Let us know in the comments below!

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