Corona Is No Joke: Netizens Plead The Citizens To Take Corona Seriously!

With the lock down being eased and markets allowed to open, people have been believing that Corona has died down and the pandemic is coming to an end.

And after crossing 70,000 plus cases, people have come to realize that it’s no joke and needs to be taken seriously:

People were reminding others of social distancing:


And avoid touching your face at all costs:


Live smart:


People were sharing their experiences to warn others:

Face masks were also made mandatory for everyone to wear:

It’s no joke:

Think about it:

The only one who can save you from being infected is you:

Don’t believe everything you get forwarded on Whatsapp:

Very important!

Everything can wait, be responsible:

People were also questioning government’s policies on the lockdown:

Little steps can make such a big difference:

Can’t stress enough on how important this is:

The only gap acceptable on the CV:

It’s never too late to start taking precautionary measures:

How to not wear your mask:


At the end of the day, you have to help yourself:


All your corona myths busted, it’s very real and very serious!

A great loss:


Do you?

Please, please, please 🙏


It’s in your own hands:

With that being said, we urge everyone to act responsibly and practice the given SOPs to prevent and contain the virus. What do you think about Pakistanis not taking corona seriously? Let us know in the comments below!

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