Corona Cases Start Rising In Pakistan As The Country Reports 847 New Cases!

While most of the world has been suffering in the second wave of the corona, Pakistan was doing pretty well with the number of corona cases consistently low since July 2020. But with the lockdown restrictions easing down and people not following SOPs, Pakistan has reported 847 new cases today which is the highest it has reported in 85 days.

And people are worried!

Please ūüôŹ

The alarming situation had people tweeting out on the following SOPs:

People were calling it a team effort:

People were also complaining of traffic wardens not following SOPs:

People were wondering about the news not being loud enough:

Rumours started pouring in:

People were urging others to follow SOPs:

Which is why we need to diligently follow the SOPs:

People were suggesting lockdown as a preventive measure to contain the virus:

Yes, please!

With a drastic surge in the cases, we’d like to request everyone to follow SOPs and take care of themselves. Have anything to add to the story, comment down below!

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