Cocomo Have Gone From 4 To 3 In A Packet & Netizens Are Ready To Fight!


Cocomo holds a very special place in our hearts, from getting 6 cocomos in a packet that cost us 5 rupees, the quantity has drastically come down to only 3 cocomos in a packet and asal ziyadti toh yeh hai!

In a tweet by lawyer Reema Omar that would blow up later, she shared the disappointment of the number of cocomos being reduced to 3 instead of the usual 4. Her tweet has started a revolution where people are demanding Miftah Ismail, ex-finance minister and the owner of Ismail industries to stay true to his promise of packing 4 cocomos in a packet:

And netizens are ready to fight and hold Miftah Ismail accountable for the cocomo crisis!

Comedian Ali Gul Pir demanded justice!



Bari naazuk surat-e-haal hai:

Thousands of votes!

Always happens!

People were not happy with Imran Khan:

And it opened a whole Pandora’s box of allegations:


Jo baat hai!

Turns out Reema Omar wasn’t the only victim:



Corruption hi corruption hai:

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