Bride’s Extra Entry Goes Viral & Pakistanis Have The Funniest Replies!

We’ve all seen our fair share of extra bride and groom entries, from helicopters to hover boarding their way into their life, people are real creative! And to add to the list, we have this bride and groom who lit up their house as they prepared to enter it:

And netizens have the funniest reactions:

People were comparing it to the fireworks at PSL’s opening ceremony:


And he’s here to win!


Dead 😂

Close enough!


People wanted to do it for when they bring their daughter to their house:

Some had questions:



Jimin for me:

Boys were ready to go all out:


Warna na karay?


Why is this so accurate?


And while some had a comic approach to the entry, others deemed it as a waste of money, which the netizens did not like!

What do you think about this entry? Let us know in the comments below!

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