Careem just put out a new campaign and people are triggered

When it comes to marketing, Careem has always been on top of the game. Be it rishta aunties  or bakra shopping, Careem always has something different to offer and we love that about them. Their recent campaign has gathered a lot of mixed opinions. It’s been trending at number 1 on twitter.

Some people were worried why it has triggered almost everyone

Some think it’s against our culture, umm?

Veena Malik too gave a piece of her mind, because why not?

Some people found the billboards hilarious!

This man however, is spot on and we really can’t agree more

Some thought that bringing in Careem waalon ki baji was okay, because her baat mei maa behen lana zaruri hai… Tch tch

I mean the concept is bold but can someone please explain what this bhai sahab means?

Some questioned the government and demanded that they fine Careem for bad advertising

Some even deleted the Careem app off their phones

Our celebrities too didn’t shy away from sharing their opinion

Hania shared how she found the ad to be distasteful, but people had different things to say

Some people did figure out the reason behind such controversial campaigns

And then we had people who were sensible enough to acknowledge good advertising and the free will to marry!

Not all publicity is good publicity, but at the end of the day it still is publicity, exactly what the marketing team wants! The hashtag trended on twitter without paying any twitter influencers, paisay bhi bach gaye, publicity bhi mil gayi, a win-win situation!

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