Candid Talk – Amna Ilyas

What is your favorite garment?

I just have too much love for Voluminous Skirt. I love making those and they are always part of my collections and they never go out of style.

Have you ever had a scary fashion moment?

Yes I did. It was not a scary fashion moment infact it was a fashion disaster. My red collection for FPW1 in 2009.

Who is the best dressed female celebrity to you?

I am a totally bollywood person and Deepika Padukone is the best dressed celebrity to me and she is gorgeous and immensely talented also.

Best dressed male celebrity?

Well at this moment I think it has to be hands down Fawad Khan.

Which of your shoot is your personal favorite?

My personal favourite shoot is my honeycomb shoot Rizwan-ul-Haq did it for in 2008 with Iraj Manzoor and Annie Ali Khan.

What is the craziest thing you have ever bought?

I just always end up spending my money on shoes. I once bought 18 pairs of shoes for myself. I thought it was crazy and ever since then I have spent my money very wisely.

What is your favorite way to relax?

My favourite way to relax is to eat my favourite foods. Great food always makes me relax and obviously its the biggest reason for me being over weight.

If your wardrobe burnt down, and you could save two garments, what would they be?

It has to be my grand father’s tie and my dad’s Savile Row suit.

If you could dress anyone in Pakistan, who would you pick?

I would love to dress late Madam Noor Jehan. A true fashion icon of Pakistan.

What is the one thing all women should wear?

Heels as high as their hopes.

And one thing they just shouldn’t?

Any garment made out of polyester.

A trend you love?

Crop tops and Big skirts.

Model who does justice to your clothes?

Amna Ilyas, Cybil, Mehreen Syed just to name a few. There are far too many fabulous models who carry my creations fabulously.

What’s a complete fashion no no?

Ugly ill fitted suits and jackets.

Your favorite designer, local and international?

Local designer who is my favourite is Umar Sayeed and Internationally I love Karl Lagerfeld.

Any fashion fetish?

Sunglasses and bags.

The one accessory that will never go out of style?

Wrist Watch.

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

Anything other than basics.

Describe your design philosophy?


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