Bushra Ansari’s Humsaya Maa Jaye passes 1M views, receives love from both countries

In an effort to reduce the tensions between the India and Pakistan, sisters Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbas and Neelum Ahmed Bashir came out with a peace anthem titled ‘Humsaye Maa Jaye’.

The video depicts two women — one Indian, played by Bushra, and the other Pakistani, played by her sister, Asma — separated by an insurmountable wall. The worlds they inhabit, the worries that confront them, the language that they speak are all the same. Their difference is only betrayed by the flags of their countries hanging in the backdrops of their homes. The song has gone viral and has since then crossed the 1 million view mark on YouTube.

The song instantly went viral and gathered a lot of love and appreciation from our local celebrities:

Mawra Hocane

Iqrar ul Hassan

Feeha Jamshed


The song and the efforts to promote peace have been praised across the border as well:







A lot of reaction videos have also been uploaded on various social media platforms and there has been nothing but high praises and love for the peace rap:

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