‘Burger-ism Andar Se Hota Hai Painduon’ Maira Khan Gets Slammed For Gatekeeping The Burger Culture

Another day, another celebrity trying to put her apparent ‘hot take’ on the internet and this time it’s Maira Khan, not to be confused with Mahira Khan.

The actress decided it was a good day to flaunt her self proclaimed ‘burger-ism’ and call others paindu for the way they pronounce bowl, while pronouncing it wrong herself 🤡

And people have a lot to add!

People had questions:



Shots were fired:

I mean…

We call it self sabotage:

People were disgusted!


Burgers didn’t want anything to do with her:




And not even our first language to begin with:

People found her thoughts to be spiritual:

When self-awareness goes wrong…



The actress, within 24 hours of getting the taste of being a burger, issued an apology:

And while the actress did issue a condescending apology, people weren’t really buying it:

People were calling her apology the worst cover-up ever!

People found her apology to be another attention-seeking tactic:



What do you think about Maira Khan’s remarks and her apology? Let us know in the comments below!

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