5 Dramas On ARY Digital That Have Us Hooked!

A plethora of new entertaining narratives have taken over Pakistani television and ARY is winning the game by bringing a fresh set of stories to all of us. Be it hard-hitting plot lines or some intricately created layers of storytelling there’s a lot that we’re loving right now!

But amongst them, which 5 dramas do we love the most?

Diva has the lowdown…


Based on the idea of traditional values and principles, Amanat is a hard-hitting story that meanders on a narrative about two friends out of whom one loses his life and the other chooses to step up and safeguard his late friend’s wife. The show starring Urwa Hocane, Imran Abbas, Saboor Aly and Haroon Shahid is definitely raising questions we are interested in and it makes for fresh television that we are on the edge of the seat for! Now we just have to see how the story goes forward!


Mere Apne

A story that takes on an age-old tradition of watta-satta in the nation, Mere Apne is thought provoking in a number of ways. The drama stars Ali Abbas, Hajra Yameen, Zainab Shabbir, and Waseem Abbas in lead roles and focuses on a family where relationships end up seeing a downfall due to the said tradition. Not only does the drama creatively tackle the issue at hand, but also brings forth quite a magnitude of drama that is excitable in many ways.



One of the latest television dramas to hit our TV screens, ARY’s Badua is making all the buzz these days. Starring Amar Khan and Muneeb Butt in lead roles, the drama revolves around Abeer who is not only a charmer thanks to her good looks but also is the sort of protagonist who is multi-layered. However, as luck would have it, we find her going for a boy whose flirtatious nature will bring in twists into the story! There’s tons to watch out for here!



A narrative that is classically Pakistani in its ethos but told in a fresh way, Berukhi is taking over the fan’s choice of shows these days with its interesting storytelling. Starring Hiba Bukhari and Junaid Khan in lead roles, the narrative takes a deep dive into a story of disparity, class differences, and family pressures set over the milieu of romance. The story is definitely is interesting and makes for great television for anyone who enjoys that traditional style of narrative plots.


Mein Hari Piya

The latest drama to take over our television sets that fans had been waiting for with baited breath, Mein Hari Piya starring Sami Khan, Hira Mani and Sumbul Iqbal has just released to a grand response. Exploring immense emotions with its narrative the drama is more than just your average narrative and has many niches of drama and feelings that make it a sure-shot winner. Now we just have to see how it goes on forward!


Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.



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