Do Arranged Marriages Work? Armeena Asks & Tweeple Have Served!

Actress Armeena R. Khan had a question for her twitter followers, she really wanted to know if and how arranged marriages work:

And the twitterati have a lot of tea to spill!

Makes sense!

Some thought it works most of the time:

Jo baat hai!

Ah, the real tea!


Spot on!

So, compromise because everyone’s feelings will get hurt otherwise?

Only the privileged ones:

Some believed it wasn’t a simple question:

People were sharing their recipe of a good marriage:


Some believed that compromise is the only way to make any marriage work:

Some had their own theories:

Agreed, mutual respect is important:

Some shared how marriage is a process of continuous adjustments:

Some believed that all marriages, love or arranged, end the same way:

Very important!

True, nothing comes guaranteed:

People were sharing their personal experiences:

Umm, okay:

Some believed marriages can turn into headaches:

People were sharing first hand experiences:


Man thinks he’s up to something:

That’s what the question is…



A lot of people believed that the reason arranged ones work is because there are low expectations:


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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