Bilal Saeed’s Video Physically Assaulting A Couple Goes Viral & People Are Disturbed!

A video of singer Bilal Saeed fighting a couple has surfaced the internet where the singer can be seen physically hitting and guy and attempting to kick the woman:


And Bilal Saeed issued a statement on Facebook:

While the singer has issued a proper statement, thescuffle between the singer and the couple has left the netizens with a ton of questions:

People found the behaviour to be strange and shameful:

People had ideas:

People were calling him the ambassador of equal rights:

People found the behaviour unacceptable:

Some weren’t happy with the fact that he was trying to hit a woman:

Many were convinced that the man in the video isn’t Bilal Saeed, others proved how the clothes matched:

Fans were speculating that it may be the shooting for his music video:

Some we claiming that the couple in the video happen to be his brother and Bhabhi:

Some wanted to hear the other side of the story before passing any comments:

Some fans were still by his side without knowing the whole scenario:

People were cancelling him already:

People were calling them ‘parhay likhay jaahil:’

Fans were really disappointed:

Memers were already taking advantage of the situation:

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