Bilal Abbas Khan’s Intense Performance In ‘Dunk’ Wins Over Social Media!

With a very intense episode of Dunk last night, Bilal Abbas Khan gave us one of his best performances to date, nailing every shade of Haider, torn between his love, guilt, regret, betrayal and doing the right thing.

His brilliant portrayal as Haider became the star of the episode last night and was a top trend on Twitter. And fans just can’t stop talking about it:

Couldn’t have said it better!

Straight up facts!

People couldn’t stop praising Bilal:

Oof, this scene gave us goosebumps!

That’s Bilal Abbas Khan for you:

People were feeling bad for professor Humayun’s family:

Oh yes!

No dialogues and yet the audience could hear the scenes:

He does!

Fans were melting over his eyes!

Fans noticed every little detail:

We know right 😭

Man was on fire!



How did you like Bilal’s performance in Dunk? Let us know in the comments below!

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