Beaten To Death For Freeing Caged Parrots, People Want Justice For 8-Year-Old Zohra Shah

An eight year domestic worker was allegedly beaten to death by her employers in Bahria Town Rawalpindi on Monday after the little girl freed some caged parrots.

The couple employed the eight-year-old to look after their five-month-old baby. The police has arrested the couple and registered an FIR against them with charges of attempted murder, rape and premeditated murder against Hassan Siddiqui and his wife.

The news has the netizens going furious and they’re demanding justice for the 8 year old:

People were in disbelief:

Mahira Khan too spoke for the cause:

It’s appalling!

A pen is all an 8 year old should have, not a broom!

That’s all its worth:

People found it sickening:

People really wanted a change this time:

Beshak, Allah toh dekh raha hai:

People had lost all hope:


People were demanding that the culprits be hanged to death:

Heart wrenching:

Things like this never sink in:

People were also throwing shade at Shireen Mazari for not taking notice:


This needs to end!

It definitely is:

A murder is what it is!

People were demanding public executions:

Sadly true:



This should have never been normalized in the first place:

What are your thoughts on child labour laws in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Wow…this was a sad fact I have ever heard…unacceptable. how can a child labour laws still exist in this country…where’s the humanity of the ppl who labour a child…even abuse and beat to death…this sick ppl should be in hell asap

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