A Little Girl Recreates Celebrity Couples, And They Outshine the Originals!


5 year old Amila who is literally the Queen of imitating celebrity pictures has been winning our hearts by re-creating some of our favourite Pakistani couples and honestly, we just can’t get enough of her!

It all started with a recreation of Maya Ali’s super happy picture:

And soon the Pakistanis fell in love with her and bombarded her with requests to recreate more of Pakistani celebrities. And Amila listened to them by recreating Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui’s picture:

Needless to say, it was spot on, Zara Noor thinks it’s beautiful:


Amila then went on to imitate Alizeh Shah and Noaman Sami and nailed it!

And Alizeh and Noaman couldn’t help but love the cuteness!


And when it comes to some of the most popular couples in the industry, Aiman and Muneeb were next:

And then came the most loved couple in the industry at the moment, Ahad and Sajal, and honestly the recreation is sheer perfection:

And it of course won our Sajal’s heart too!

What do you think Amila’s spot on recreations? Let us know in the comments below!

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