#AuratMarch: Here Are Some Of The Best Placards!

With Aurat March in it’s full glory, Pakistanis are paving the way to a better, safer and equal society.

And like every year, the placards have triggered way too many men and their audacity, and here’s everything that people are triggered about, because how dare a tang woman wish for sukoon?

Too cute to ignore!

Protectors of women, eh?

Makes sense?

Yaaas girl!

Batao batao?

Yeah, why?


Read it 10 times!


When’s the vaccine coming out?


Probably our favourite one!


Trigger bhi hoga crowd, neechay comments tay:


This also applies to most saases out there:

Oh, the horrors!

Food for thought:

If only there were more men like you:


Itni si baat hai!

What did you think of the posters? Let us know in the comments below!

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