Alfalah Pehchaan Account for Women Enables a Path towards Financial Independence 

Financial inclusion for women has started to take the center stage in Pakistan’s growing financial landscape. While women are presently an underserved market for the financial sector of the country, there is increasing interest in becoming a part of the banking network to avail access to greater financial services which cater to their banking needs and empower them to achieve their goals. Shifting socio-cultural dynamics are also creating opportunities for banks to tap into these mushrooming demographics and to extend the net of financial inclusivity.

On this International Women’s Day, Bank Alfalah celebrates the valor of women. We aspire to raise our voice for equal opportunities for women in various fields. While only 16% of formally employed women maintain individual control over their personal bank accounts and have been introduced to the formal economy, the progressing socio-economic environment of Pakistan leads us to conclude that inclusion of women into the economy is pivotal to the country’s growth.

By taking on this opportunity, Bank Alfalah would like to dive into in the country’s financial inclusion landscape and highlight a proposition that takes women into perspective, elevating their importance and empowering them to take new roles in life and carve out their own paths. Bank Alfalah intends to help women find an inroad to financial independence. With it’s women-centric financial product – the Bank Alfalah Pehchaan Account – the Bank aims to empower women to move forward in life and build their own purpose and identity. The Bank has carefully crafted the proposition for women that offers them a seamless access to a myriad of financial services. This proposition is being introduced to weave financial inclusion into the social fabric of the country. Cognizant of the challenges in countering the prevailing mindset Bank Alfalah has decided to move forward with the vision of increasing the financial footprint of women in the economy to balance out the power scales.

Bank Alfalah Pehchaan Account is designed to serve the working women and housewives across the country, enabling them to fulfill their banking and financial management requirements with ease and convenience. With the help of this account, the Bank endeavors to create a shift for women from the conventional financial behaviors to more formal, customized and regulated financial fronts.

Bank Alfalah Pehchaan Account is designed to offer a range of unique services for women. The account is available in both local and foreign currencies and customers can opt for a current or savings account variant according to their financial need. Customers are also presented with a customized debit card offering a variety of discounts empowering women to lead a lifestyle on their terms. including exclusive discounts on shopping, travel and healthcare brands all through their account. It also allows women to enjoy waivers on lockers, SMS alerts on all transactions, and access to conduct banking transactions through Bank Alfalah. Internet Banking and Alfa app for free. Furthermore, the PKR Savings account variant allows women to enjoy monthly profits at lucrative rates.

Honoring the significant roles played by women in our society, Bank Alfalah is certain that with the help of financial products and services, which are more attentive to the needs of women in Pakistan, we can contribute to women’s autonomy and achieve growth at a higher rate. With Pehchaan Account, let us empower the individual woman to move forward and build her Pehchaan.

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