Asim Azhar opens up about his relationship with Hania Aamir

If you’ve not seen Hania Amir and Asim Azhar sharing a cute af moment. Where exactly have you been?

Their pictures together on instagram have only made fans speculate if they’ve been dating or not and to be honest, even we’re dying to know what the real tea is.

In an interview with BBC, Asim Azhar finally broke silence on his relationship status with Hania Amir.

Now we’re not saying they’re in a relationship, but they haven’t truly denied it either.

Here’s what Asim Azhar had to say when asked if he was dating Hania Amir:

Such a cutie, no? Despite being put in an awkward spot, Asim Azhar handled the question like a pro. He also commented on how our industry has become a lot more progressive as it was a few years ago. People have become more accepting to the idea of two people being in love without the haww-hayes.

He also mentioned how Hania brings out the best in him and is really fun to be around. Guys, we’re totally in awe of the way Asim Azhar responsibly handled the situation.

I mean 😍😍😍 look at them! Does it not melt your heart?

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