5 Reasons Why We Think Mushk Is The Drama We All Need!

An onset of new Pakistani dramas are taking over our TV sets these days, and it seems one after another is trying to win with their brilliant narratives. Amidst them, one such example of this has been the recently-aired project by actor-turned-writer Imran Ashraf and director Aehsun Talish, titled Mushk. 

Revolving around a narrative that is far from the stereotypical mess that you are ought to find usually, the drama has brought new energy with an ensemble cast starring Urwa Hocane, Imran Ashraf, Momal Sheikh and Osama Tahir.

But, what are things we love the most in Mushk – judging strictly from its first episode? Diva has the lowdown…

The Cast

It’s always a delight to see Imran Ashraf in his acting glory, and this show brings that to his fans once again. However, apart from his brilliance, the show also stars other great actors like Osama Tahir who have proven his mettle with recent shows. The return of Urwa Hocane to the small screen is also quite powerful, and she proves she’s here to stay.


The Story

Doing away with your clichéd mess, the first episode of Mushk definitely promises a lot of new narrative coming our way. The story revolves around a mix of rural and urban settings, where we find secrets being kept, lives changing in a matter of moments, and a new drama unfolding. Without giving too much away, we can already tell the story is going to keep us on the edge throughout its running.


The Dialogues

With Imran Ashraf taking the writer’s seat for this one, Mushk has a strong sense of dialogue writing in the first episode. There’s layers to the writing, and each part of the screenplay seems to have been thoroughly nuanced. When you watch the drama, it actually feels like a well-rounded narrative rather than just run-of-the-mill things we keep hearing otherwise.


The Uniqueness

The team that has made Mushk has proved that shows with a slight gray tinge to it can also work in our television and entertainment industry rather than making everything either black or white, positive or negative. There’s a proper character development seen in the drama, and each person does show layers to them.


The Direction

Aehsun Talish is back behind the camera, and of course, he’s weaved brilliance to Mushk as well, like he does with other narratives of his. The direction is impeccable here, and we feel that each scene has been hashed out in a way that it remains impactful. What more can a TV-viewer ask for!


What do you love about Mushk? Tell us in the comment section below.



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  1. I am very much fane of arwaa because she is a versatile actress
    and Mushk Drama she is performing very well & all actor & actress too.
    I am waiting for next drama.

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