Arijit Singh Remixes The Iconic Sayonee By Junoon & People Think It’s Pandemic To Ears!

Known for plagiarising Pakistani music, Bollywood’s at it again ruining Junoon band’s iconic and evergreen hit Sayonee:

The song that holds a very special place in all our hearts, has Pakistanis screaming for help!

Is it?

Yes please!

What he said:

The worst of 2020:

Lol, truth bombs!

Us too!

There were memes:

For real:

People were calling it an insult:

People were scarred and scared:


People wanted T-series to delete it:

Retaliation strategies were pouring in:

She has a point!


People were tagging PM Imran Khan to stop this monstrosity:

Chhorna nahi!

The last nail in the coffin:

People wanted the band members to sue them:

Bollywood and it’s audacity:

Jo baat hai:



What do you think about Bollywood’s Sayonee? Let us know in the comments below!

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