5 Times Travel Vloggers Came To Pakistan and Loved It!

Pakistan has returned on the tourist map in the last two years in a big way and the rise of social media has a huge role in it. Countless travel vloggers from around the globe have looked towards the land of the Indus to provide them with adventurous content, and the nation hasn’t disappointed anyone since.

Recently, we saw Turkish chef Burak Özdemir, make his way to Pakistan as well, and it raised a question within us of the number of vloggers from all over the world who have visited the country and loved it!

Who have been the best ones who we could thank for showing the real picture of Pakistan to the world? Diva has the lowdown…

Eva Zu Beck

One of the firsts to come to Pakistan in a big way, Eva Zu Beck pushed the popularity of the country to the masses. She has since then become a patron saint of sorts for Pakistan, and gone on to do everything from documentaries to stories about how she sees a great future for the nation.

Peter Santenello

A travel vlogger who went from the rugged mountains to both the green and arid plains of Pakistan, Peter Santenello has shown Pakistan in its true colours. He speaks of its great generosity and vibrance, but also talks about all that has gone on in the country in its ravaged past.

Mark Wiens

The first one to put Pakistani cuisine on a world map massively, Mark Wiens truly fell in love with the myriad of tastes in the country’s gastronomy. From the Paya and Nihari to the countless tantalising Biryanis, Mark fell in love with them and made the world fall in love with it too!

Jordan Taylor

An American solo traveller who went on to explore the intricate niches and the paths less travelled around Pakistan, Jordan Taylor showed the world what the country is really about. Exploring the kaleidoscopic cultures and traditions of the land, she showed the world why there’s so much to love in Pakistan.


The Food Ranger

Another food vlogger who went above and beyond in showing the world what makes Pakistan a hub for great South Asian cuisine, Trevor James AKA The Food Ranger really couldn’t stop loving what the country has to offer. He couldn’t get enough of the amazing variety of spicy, greasy, fresh, and aromatic cuisine he found in Pakistan, and that makes his vlogs some of the most fun to watch.


Which travel vlogger do you love the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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