How To Be A Good Wife Should Be Taught In Schools: Qasim Ali Shah Faces Flak For His Sexist Remarks!

In a society where marriage is considered the ultimate goal for women, motivational speaker, author, trainer and educator Qasim Ali Shah, added to the pressures on women after he demanded that all girls be taught ‘how to be a good wife’ in schools till 10th grade, and no, we’re not exaggerating!

The video clip has made people furious and people have a lot to say!

People shared how both the genders should be trained on being good spouses:


Shots were fired!

People couldn’t believe the absurdity was real:



Jo baat hai!

People were appalled to hear him say women had only 2 goals in life:


Yeah, they’re unreal!

People found the video embarrassing:

People were fuming!


I mean…

Nope, our sons are ‘perfect:’

People wanted him to get help for himself:


People were just not ready to take his bullshit!

What do you think about Qasim Ali Shah’s sexist comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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