Anwar Maqsood To Bring Back ‘Loose Talk’ With Yasir Hussain & People Stand Divided!


Anwar Maqsood sahab and his genius writing have given us content that will remain forever iconic. And he’s back again with Mere Aangan Se which is loosely based on ‘Loose Talk’ and features Yasir Hussain playing some really colorful characters:

And while the show seems promising, fans have been assuming that Yasir Hussain ks trying to fill in Moin Akhtar’s shoes and they’ve got strong opinions!

People were replying with memes from Loose Talk, expressing their feelings:

Shots were fired!

People were just not ready!

Fans were looking to protest against the show:

People had questions:

People were calling it the biggest downgrade they’d seen:

People found it to be an insult to Moin Akhtar:

People weren’t accepting Yasir Hussain:

Many had 2020 to blame!


People found it to be ridiculous:

Fans would rather watch the original over the remake:

And while the show was receiving lots of criticism, there were people who had high hopes from Yasir Hussain:

Many believed Yasir is a fine actor:

People couldn’t wait to see him perform:

Are you excited for the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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