Anticipation builds stronger as Alif’s new teasers roll out!


Geo TV released 2 more teasers for Alif in last 2 days and it has only multiplied the anticipation by ten folds for us. Especially for those who have read the novel.



And the teasers have been nothing short of intense! So much so that the hashtag #Alif has been trending on number 1 on Twitter!


And people have nothing but good things to say about the teasers, some even think it’s going to be the drama of the century:


People are so ready for the masterpiece to air:


Well, true that!


Some were upset that there wasn’t enough promotion:


People were way too excited for their favourite actors to give a performance that’ll be remembered for decades:


People were living for the OST:


Many who had read the novel were quoting various scenes:


Some fell in love with white roses:


People were in love with the cast:


People were looking forward to their journey:


It already is!


People already have favourite dialogues:




Makes us want to read the novel too!


SAME 😭😭😭


What do you think about the new teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

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