A flat in a posh area of Karachi says no to purchasing and renting if you’re a non-Muslim and people are outraged at the bigotry!


A flat in Clifton which happens to be one of the posh areas of Karachi has a notice put up which is now going viral for its racist nature.


The notice reads that you cannot rent or buy a flat in the building if you are a non-Muslim, the notice was found in Machiyara Residency which is located in Clifton block 8:


And people on the internet are furious!


Some shared how the same people who have put this notice up will be outraged if something similar happens in India:


People came forward to condemn the hate speech against minorities:


Some think that it might be a fake notice for publicity:




People think the incident should be reported and action should be taken:


Everyone deserves respect!


Hindus from the community came forward with the only alternative they think they have:


Some thought they should be held accountable for the hate speech:


Some had questions:


People also came forward to share how similar things happen in India with Muslims:


A fellow Hindu shared how the same policy has been in practice at Bahadurabad too and wasn’t something new:


Some came forward and claimed this isn’t something new and has been happening for years:


If the word irony had a face:


Many were hopeful to make Pakistan a safer place for the minorities:


Many were upset at how this wasn’t the Pakistan that Jinnah had created:


One of the minority rights activist promised that he’d make a visit to assess:


Many called it a violation of fundamental constitutional rights:




And while many were against the stance, some had the audacity to ask what was wrong about it:


Some thought the owner was exercising his free will:


Some came forward to defend the notice:



What do you think about the notice posted? Let us know in the comments below!

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