Ali Zafar pushes for legal action against ‘smear campaign’

Ali Zafar

With both Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar taking to mainstream media to bring their sides of the story to the public eye, the Teefa in Trouble actor has now started his campaign to bring down those who he believes have been a part in an ‘alleged conspiracy to bring him down.’

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Ali posted screenshots of numerous accounts who he has now claimed have run a smear campaign against the actor.

“Criminal procedure initiated against the account(s) that threatened to take me to cleaners before my movie release,” he posted. “Kindly help us identify any more accounts/person(s) that may be involved in the campaign against me, my family and my film.”

Ali also shared a Tweet, where he has claimed that fake accounts were being made who have made pages in support of the Mor Mahal actress.

“As I said, the smear campaign against me was running through fake accounts who are now shutting down after our application to the FIA,” Zafar wrote. “Our resolve to set a precedent that no one can do this ever to an innocent person is stronger than ever now.”

Since his posts, both sides have again taken to social media to prove their innocence. Adding to it, Ali Zafar’s manager, Taha Sadaqat has also shared images of what he has now claimed is a conspiracy dating prior to Meesha’s allegations.

“This is where it all started. On 21st February 2018, In response to promotional material for ‘Teefa in Trouble,’ I was given a threat about this grand plan they had to sabotage the film in particular and Ali Zafar’s career in general,” he posted. “Said profile under inquiry, proof attached.”

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