Ali Zafar nay ‘Mela Loot Liya’ by creating digital history!

Pakistan Super League (PSL) has had its fair share of successes and failures, but one thing that has always remained a fan favourite has been the anthems! However, this year, that too, fell into troubled waters with the release of Tayyar Hain and the drama that ensued after its release!

Featuring names like Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, and Haroon, the song became a bane for their existence and troll-fodder for everyone else!

However, things really did take a change when everyone’s favourite Bhai jumped in and rescued PSL 5 anthem for all of us! Yes, we’re talking about none other than Ali Zafar, who managed to make it all right once again with Mela Loot Liya!

But, what exactly pushed him to salvage the PSL song and how did everything turn out in the last few weeks?

Diva has the timeline!


Tayyar Hain Comes Out

Slated to be the biggest anthem for PSL, the song was declared a complete dud by fans!

Everyone couldn’t help but question the song’s composition, and the singers who were a part of it came under ire.

So much so, that some apologised, whilst others were clapping back to trolls!

And in the midst of all of this, people couldn’t help but remember Ali Zafar!


Asim Azhar Apologises

Things were only getting worse and it made the Ghalat Fehmi singer, Asim Azhar, issue an official apology!

However, people albeit understanding of Asim’s apology still called for a change in the anthem.

Many of course, kept remembering AZ’s anthem for PSL!


Ali Zafar Calls For Unity

Leave it to a rockstar like Ali Zafar, who called for unity amongst fans for PSL’s sake! He tweeted out, saying every song is ours and to not make fun of fellow artists.

However, people were not as forgiving as AZ, were they?!

See what we mean?

Opening Ceremony

Everyone thought the critique will finally end once the opening ceremony takes place. But, now we all know where that went!

Even iconic names couldn’t help but question what the opening ceremony was like.

Plus, let’s not forget Ahmed Godil and the constant trolling he got!


Ali Azmat on Waseem Badami’s Show

After a questionable opening, Ali Azmat was quick to criticize PCB for a botched opening ceremony. Ali Azmat lashed out at the organizers for mismanaged events that led to a disorganized show. In conversation with the anchorperson, Waseem Badami, Ali Azmat expressed sheer annoyance on cutting down their performance on the PSL 5 anthem ‘Tayyar Hain’.

However, that wasn’t all! He was also, of course, critical of Ali Zafar, pushing him into the controversy! “Won’t say anything about Ali Zafar”, he said. “People like him resort to court cases.”


Ai Zafar enters as Bhai!

Now, this was the main pivot point of this story! Anyone else would have issued a statement or reacted angrily, instead, Ali Zafar goes into self-effacing humour mode and proclaims everything is done by him. Not the one to stay quiet when others drag him into controversy for no reason, Ali Zafar had the best way to reply!

The video that was released after Ali Azmat’s interview aired, killed everyone with its satire!

“if you’re having any problems in your lives – personal, social, financial – your business isn’t doing well, your event isn’t doing well, or even your music isn’t doing well – the reason for it has nothing to do with you. I am the only one responsible for it,” he said.

People just couldn’t get enough!

Fans Request Ali to Make An Anthem!

The fans may have gone to new viral levels after the video release, but it was Waseem Badami’s challenge to Ali that if he loves Pakistan, why doesn’t he make a song for his fans, that changed everything! Ali asked Waseem to do a poll, and it received close to 90K responses asking for the song to be made!

See, what we mean?


Gets Biggest Recent Digital Release

Now, was the real challenge! How to make an anthem, that could be as rocking as Khel Jamay Ga without major budgets or a conceptual video? Well, that’s where AZ’s creativity came to the rescue!

Bhai makes a video showing dance steps and the already-trending superstar goes even more viral!

More than a thousand plus videos are received from all over Pakistan!

We just love the energy!

Now, this is what we call true virality and real love from fans!


Shatters Records

This weekend was a mega delight as Sunday morning, Ali Zafar released the audio in the biggest digital release of recent times! Be it Spotify and Amazon to Jio or Savan, all at once, people couldn’t help but think it was a leak and not an official release!


However, come Sunday evening, the official song releases and literally breaks the internet with one million views in two hours!

Mela Loot Liya breaks all records made for PSL this year!

Mela Loot Lia, along with Bhai Hazir Hai and Ali Zafar trends on twitter together in a never before seen fashion!


In 20 hours, the song has achieved 3 million views and is taking over everything!

Even the PSL popularity has dwarfed in front of this song.

People couldn’t help but love all that AZ has done for the love of cricket!

This is truly what redemption looks like!


Public Demand Stadium Run of Mela Loot Liya!

Truly the fans are going crazy and now want it to be played in stadiums!

Fans just want it, and want it now!

But it’s not the official song so what’s going to happen?! No one knows!

But, we truly hope we get to hear it amidst hundreds of fans in the stadium!


We love superstars who truly know how to harness the power of fans and showing their love for cricket! Ali Zafar is truly one guy, who along with his team did all of this without any help of backing from any sponsors!


Would you want to hear Mela Loot Liya in the stadiums? Tell us in the comment section below.

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