Ali Sethi mocks his critics for calling him unoriginal and the internet is schooling him on his poor choice of words!


During our time in quarantine, Ali Sethi has kept most of us busy with the amazing live sessions he does on Instagram, however, people on Twitter have been criticising him on not being original enough to churn out songs of his own. One girl in particular, shared how she thinks Taher Shah is better than Ali Sethi for making original songs:

And these tweets had the internet going bonkers, some agreed and some STRONGLY disagreed with her:

Quarantine getting the best of us:

Some were crediting Ali’s success to his father:

People thought it was about time someone said it:

Some thought the tweet was uncalled for:

Some wanted her to let it rest:

Some explained how there’s nothing wrong in doing covers:

And while people were fighting amongst themselves, Ali Sethi joined the narrative, with his poor choice of words:

People were wondering what the 6 originals were:

And Ali Sethi actually mocked him on his profile picture:

Looking at the way Ali Sethi responded, the internet was actually disappointed in him:

People were furious!

People were accusing the Sethis of misogyny:

People were schooling him on the use of better words:

Shots were fired, khandan style of course:

Some though that people barely knowing any original songs says a lot about them:

Some were calling him insecure:

People were asking him to grow thicker skin:

This nation and its spot on sarcasm!

Even his loyal fans were disappointed!

Some wanted him to remember how he made a career off of covers:

There was a ton of shade!

In a jiffy!


Someone has a wild theory and we’re mind-blown!

What do you think about the way Ali Sethi responded? Let us know in the comments below!

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