Ali Noor; From Death’s Door to Speedy Recovery

Social media platforms went viral with the news last night that #AliNoor, the famous lead singer of #Pakistani band #Noori was in a critical condition and in serious need of a liver transplant after being mistreated for Hepatitis A. Call for help to people included prayers and being prepared to be a liver donor to the singer.


The entire media fraternity came forward to help spread the message and finding a donor for Ali Noor, fans also sent love and tons of prayers Ali’s way:


However, the waters have calmed as Noor’s brother and fellow band member #AliHamza issued a public statement asking people to just keep praying at home and not to worry as his brother is already on the road to recovery and in all probability a liver transplant won’t be necessary. Even if it is required, only family members can donate their liver.

The DIVA team continues to pray for Ali Noor’s speedy and full recovery, and hope to see the versatile singer back home and in full health soon.

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  1. Met Ali Noor in 2008 in New Delhi, India, to facilitate his album release in India through the Music Label I was working with..Though the deal dint go through for various technical reasons, I got to meet and know both Ali and Mandana and found them to be really warm people…! News of his ill health came as a shock to me…! I wish him a speedy recovery and send my blessings for him and the family…! 💐
    Rock on Ali Noor!👍

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