People are sharing kis mei kya nahi hota and it’s downright fun!

In today’s episode of what brings joy to desi twitterverse, they’re discussing kis mei kya nai hota, and if you’re still clueless, the trend was inspired by an old nescafe ad which features Mahira Khan, Ushna Shah and Mikaal Zulfiqar:

And there’s no stopping them!

Dil se nikli hai yeh tweet:

10/10 can relate:

Oh, the sachayi here!

Only truth bombs:

Badh mei sub snakes ban jaatay hain:

LMAO, facts!

Sahi baat hai, kaahay ka wisdom?

Faiza ho bhi nai sakti:


Resham toh ehsaas hai:

Blue bhi nai hota woh:

We feel attacked:

Oh Bhai…

Hawwa toh hoti hai:

Butt agaya toh khayi nai jayegi 😂

True that!


The teenda hating brigade was on board too:

All the people being exposed:

To all the Jameels:

Samjhein na hi hai:

Kabhi Ami se farmayish karein, khoob mileingeen chaplein:

Exposè of the year:

Yar 😂

Hum bartan dhonay waalon se puchho:

This question will keep us up at night today:

Desi way to say no:

Don’t hit us with the truth like this:

Kahan kahan se laatay hain loug:

The Internet has spoken and now it’s your turn, share with us what you think about this trend in the comments below!

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