After Pakistan’s disappointing performance in PakVSL match, the internet is not coming slow

The second T20 which took place at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, sent the fans home disappointed as Pakistan lost by 35 runs to Sri Lanka, giving away the series in their hands now. And the nation is really upset!


Many were disappointed:

As people were bashing Misbah, many shared the relief Mickey Arthur must have felt today!

This aunty is all of us summed up in one picture:

Ja Sri Lanka, jee lay apni zindagi!

Ek toh humari ama’on ki logic!

This poster though!

Bus bhi kerdoh daddu jokes yar!

People were specially mad at Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shahzad:

What is this attitude, Misbah?



So close!

Some blamed it on the city:

Both were being called the legends!


Memes were everywhere!

Even Rana Sahab figured out the real problem:

Jaisa daiss waisa bhaiss:

Many who were angry at Sri Lanka for sending their younger lot got their answers:

Giving credit where its due:

People were lauding the Sri Lankan team:

Abhi, iss hi waqt!

Bhai bhai, bhai bhai!

Koi puchhay toh kehna, Umar Akmal aya tha…

When songs do the talking for you:

Many were criticising Misbah for the selection:

And while many were bashing Misbah for a selection that clearly didn’t work, some knew the real deal 😂

If only I could have 1% of the optimism this person has:

Hmmm, does this count as an achievement? 🤔

But apart from jokes, there were some really great suggestions:

What do you guys think about the current team? Let us know in the comments below!

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