Abrar ul Haq’s Baby Shark Inspired ‘Begum Shak Karti Hai’ Has People Screaming!


A few months back Abrar-ul-Haq threw shade at mothers of this generation for letting their kids have screen-time that he did not have as a kid. He specifically mentioned the Baby Shark as he mocked and judged new mothers.

The singer has now released a new song which really sounds like it’s been copied off of Baby Shark. Not only is the song a blatant copy, but the theme and the way Abrar chose to introduce the song to public is also something that people are finding to be problematic:

Introducing the song to twitter, Abrar shared how the song is dedicated to all ‘run-mureeds’ and netizens are not amused!

People did not like the song:

People wanted him to buy a ticket and go back to Billo’s house:


People were in disbelief:


People were calling him an attention seeker:

You’re not alone, man!

People were sharing their reactions:

People were calling him out on hypocrisy:



Well, well, well!

People called it a lack of talent:



What do you think about the song? Let us know in the comments below!


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