About 30 Rapes Have Been Reported In The Last 24 Days In Pakistan & It Needs To Stop!

Trigger warning: mention of rape, murder and violence.

In the wake of the horrific motorway incident where 2 men raped a woman in front of her kids, there have been countless promises by the officials to announce the gravest of punishments for rapists. But even if the punishment is decided, who will they punish? Days have turned into weeks and weeks will turn into months with no news of the rapists ever being caught.

And the thread you’re about to read by Javaria Waseem on the appallingly high number of rapes in September alone will make you furious:

Starting with September 1st, when a boy went missing:

The very next day another boy was shot for resisting the rapists:

The same day a widow was gang raped, filmed and the video was uploaded to social media:

September 3rd a woman was raped at gun point:

Next day Marwah’s torched body was found:

The very next day a TV anchor was shot:

6th September, another girl raped:

2 days later a 6 year old became the victim of the same monstrosity:

The very next day, the nation was shaken after the motorway incident surfaced:

You’d think the extreme reaction from the public would scare these people, but the very next day another woman was gang raped:

The same day a 13 year old was assaulted within the remits of a police station:

2 days later a 4 year old was found screaming as a man tried to assault her:

Next day, another worried father found a man trying to assault his daughter:

The same day a police officer assaulted the rape victim when she went for help:

The very next day a 20 year old was raped by her brother’s friend:

The following day another 13 year old girl was raped by her brother in law and his friend:

Day after, another woman was assaulted:

The next day, Ibsham Zahid was arrested for harassing and threatening a girl:

The very next day a boy was being assaulted when the villagers heard him scream:

The same day a woman was raped in front of her daughters during a robbery:

The same day a woman was assaulted with her husband held hostage:

The very next day a 6 year old was raped by a 13 year old boy:

The very same day a woman was gang raped at the union council office:

The next day a 6 year old was rescued by her mother from the qari who was trying to molest her:

2 days later a four year old suffered an assault:

The same day 2 men raped a 13 year old:

The very same day a woman was forced into a vigo at Clifton, gang raped and then dropped at the same place:

And if this thread doesn’t make you question the safety of minors and women in the country, we don’t like what will.

  1. This is because of the justice system. No rapist is hanged, put in front of a firing squad or castrated. These monsters will be running wild until they are hunted and killed. Our police and courts are to be blamed along with the mullah mentality. Where majority thing women as emotionless objects.

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